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A Lion's Love Page 12 by sandym918
A Lion's Love Page 12
After dropping Dima off with his adopted mother Nalara Damu headed to his safe place. It's a nice little cave covered by moss and ferns. He laid there and thought about everything that happened between him and Sonya he sighed before hearing a voice 

Sonya: DAMU!!! 

Damu looked up just in time to be blindsided by Sonya pouncing on him and knocking him over 

Damu: Sonya what are you doing here? I thought you were mad with me 
Sonya: Well that's why i'm here you were telling the truth Damu and i'm sorry i yelled at you and called you a liar can you forgive me? 

Damu smiled up at her 

Damu: i'll forgive you on one condition Sonya 
Sonya: What's that Damu? 
Damu: Will you get off me the ground isn't soft ya know 

Sonya blushed 

Sonya: oh ya sorry about that 
Damu: it's alright Sonya and i forgive you bu what made you believe me? 
Sonya: well after you ran off with Dima she showed up 

Sonya points to Sanura who was standing in the opening of the cave looking at the ground. Damu walked towards her 

Damu: Who are you? 
Sanura: Damu i'm your twin sister Sanura you wouldn't remember me though cause you were taken away from mom and me a few minutes after we were born and mom told dad that i had died to protect me from dad's horrible ways. I'm so happy i finally found you! I've been searching for you for a long time Damu 

Sanura steps closer to her brother and nuzzles him she was finally able to meet him and talk to him he may have been a few minutes older than her but he was still her twin brother and she loved him. Damu blushed and looked back at Sonya who was looking at the ground 

Damu: well it's nice to meet you Sanura but i wasn't expecting you to be here today does mom and the king and queen know you are here? 
Sanura: No i got in really early this morning and was taking a nap when you woke me up arguing with Sonya but i do need to go find mom and the king and queen that rule this land and tell them. 

Damu smiled at Sonya and walked over to her 

Damu: Well how about all of us go and find them last i saw them they were in the king and queens den that's where mom is staying while she is here. 

Sanura nodded and started out of the cave she turned back around to see Damu and Sonya talking she smiled and walked out of the cave she didn't want to eavesdrop on them. 
so here is the next part yay!!! so Sonya and Damu make up!! Damu meets his twin sister!!! now on to fine their mom!!! 

base belongs to DragonFireNight 
The Lion King Belongs To Disney

Link To Base:
Sanura by sandym918
here is Damu's twin sister!!!  

Name: Sanura
Language: Swahili
Name Meaning: Kitten 

base belongs to Wolfgirl50
A Lion's Love Page 11 by sandym918
A Lion's Love Page 11
While the fight between Damu and Sonya was going on a tiny brown female cub awoke from her nap and yawned before peering over the rock she slept behind. She peered over just in time to see Damu run off with tiny Dima in his mouth she stared at them before stretching and jumping over the rock approaching Sonya and Kaiya 

Sanura: Excuse me but who was that? 
Sonya: That's Damu he was brought here as a newborn like i was he thinks that because he's a prince he can make up stories about having a twin sister and more siblings and that they will magically appear and live with us here *sigh* i hope he isn't too mad at me 

Sanura: Wait that was Damu? I must be in the right place then 

Sanura smiles at the two female cubs 

Sonya: What do you mean?
Sanura: Well he wasn't lying i'm his sister well ok his twin sister i'm Sanura I've came here to be with him and my mom and siblings 

Sonya's jaw drops Damu was speaking the truth and she had yelled at him and called him a liar she felt horrible she spun around to tell Kaiya that they had to find Damu and apologize but Kaiya had already taken off to find him she sighed and looked at the ground.

Sonya: i really messed up this time i have to find him and apologize for what i said Sanura would you like to come with me and we can fond your brother?

Sanura: Yes of course i have to find him he's my brother and i want to meet him and tell him all about me and get to know him! 

The two female cubs take off in search of Damu they run into Kaiya on the way and she joins them in their hunt. They had no luck on their own but with all three of them looking for him they could find him. 

Sanura stopped to catch her breath 

Sonya: Sanura are you alright? 
Sanura: Yes just catching my breath 

Sanura looked at the worry in Sonya's eyes 

Sanura: You must really like my brother Sonya 
Sonya: What are you talking about? He's my best friend of course i like him 
Sanura: I don't mean like that Sonya i mean you like like him like not as a friend i think you have a crush on him 
Sonya: that is absurd he's my friend of course i worry about him but i don't have a crush on him EWWWW 

Sanura laughs as Sonya blushes a light shade of pink and looks at the ground 

Sanura: Sure you don't have a crush on my brother Sonya how could i even think of such a thing 
Sonya: there's no need to be sarcastic Sanura i mean it when i say i don't like him like that 
Sanura: then why are you blushing so bad? Your face is almost solid red Sonya 

Sanura stepped backwards and had a look of shock on her face 

Sanura: i'm sorry Sonya i didn't mean anything by it
Sonya: Ya well just don't talk about it ok 

Sonya stormed off with Kaiya following behind and Sanura slowly following behind them both 

so here is the next page man i'm on a role with all this!! GO ME!!! anyway enjoy!! so yep you meet Sanura in this chapter she is Damu's twin sister as we just learned and looks like Sonya isn't too happy about the new addition to the pride 

base belongs to Xbox-DS-Gameboy 
A Lion's Love Page 10 by sandym918
A Lion's Love Page 10
While his aunts and mom tended to his real mother damu took his sister to find Sonya. He couldn't wait to tell her what his mom told him. He found her playing with the new cub Kaiya 

Damu: Hey Sonya Guess what! 
Sonya: What Damu is something wrong? 
Damu: Well that lioness that came with Kaiya and her mom is my real mother. I really am a Prince and i have a ton of siblings as well as a twin she will be here in a day or two she and mom and all my siblings are going to be staying here with all of us so there will be more cubs to play with 

Sonya kind of rolls her eyes but Kaiya seems interested in everything that damu just said 

Kaiya: Wow Damu that sounds awesome wish i was royalty and had siblings like you Damu 
Sonya: Kaiya he's making it up the lioness may have been his birth mother but there is no way he has siblings heading this way he's lying 
Damu: You're just jealous Sonya it's true my mom told me it was going to happen she has no reason to lie to me and it makes sense plus she lied to my dad about being sick so she could get away from him. 

Sonya rolled her eyes again she wanted to believe Damu but something about all this made it hard to believe him 

Sonya: Ya and i'm a princess get over yourself Damu your mom is here big deal so what you are a prince doesn't mean that all your siblings if you even have any other than Dima are going to just randomly pop up out of nowhere and live here. And even if it were true they would have had to get permission from the king to live here whether they are royalty or not you know that Damu 

Damu glares at Sonya picks up his sister Dima and runs off to find his mother or someone else that could prove his story was true. Meanwhile Sonya sat there shaking her head and looked at Kaiya

Sonya: I'm sorry you had to see that Kaiya Damu's imagination can sometimes get the best of him so it's hard to believe a lot of the things he says. Yes it's true he's a prince Damu's grandfather confirmed it a long time ago when he first came to live here but please be careful with Damu's stories they can be a bit out there

Kaiya nodded and smiled but still something didn't sit right with her and she ran off to find Damu's real mother or Nalara and hoped that they could help sort all this out. She hated seeing her best friends fight and she wanted to make things right.
uh oh i smell trouble in paradise what will happen when Sonya finds out the real truth?

All bases belong to QuinnBases  


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13 rarity maximum 
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Please refer to the rarity list ( NEW AND IMPROVED EQUITUM FLAMMARUM RARITY LIST )

13 rarity maximum 
so bluewolfpups has gotten a hold of me through Facebook messenger she will not be able to log in and be online for i don't know how long. Her home was destroyed in the floods that have been plaguing West Virginia and she is unable to get online she gave me permission to upload a journal about it to let you all know what's going on they are expecting more storms there as well she and her family are safe with the red cross there but she will not be online for a long while her computer and her home are gone due to the floods and so they will have to find a new home



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